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Why HLG?


Official Partner                    LM301H Samsung LED



As an Official HLG Retailer we will only stock and offer Horticulture Lighting Group LED Grow lights for very sound reasons. 

HLG or Horticulture Lighting Group are the true pioneers of the led grow light industry producing some of the very highest performance and efficiency numbers out there. Our entry level lights have PAR efficacy higher than most competitors "pro" lights.

HLG invented the Quantum Board ® 

Samsung are the official partner to HLG and together they push the limits of horticulture light performance.

Access to Samsung's top drawer highest performing horticulture led chips. Highest performance in a horticulture environment.

Rock solid built in USA quality  

Independently tested, commercially rated lights 

Long Warranties 

You will not find our lights on Ali Express with a different badge!