AC Infinity announces the arrival of our most powerful controller yet. We continue our innovation philosophy with a central control unit that further builds upon what CONTROLLER 67 brings forth. Temperature and humidity triggers, timer modes, and custom transitions return as mainstays to scale across multiple devices. On top of these intelligent programming modes, here is how CONTROLLER 69 will tie your entire plant growing system together.

UIS Connectivity
CONTROLLER 69 is our formal introduction of the Universal Infinity System™, our ecosystem that integrates our entire suite of growing devices with our central control units to optimize your plant growth. Whereas 67 applies its intelligent programming to two fans, 69 supports up to FOUR devices at the same time with either simultaneous or independent programming.

Set parameters that all devices will share for standard scaling or create independent settings for each device to fine-tune your environmental control. Use the ALL PORT when connecting the same devices, like inline fans or LED grow lights, to be used across multiple grow tents.

Using the independent port system will enable you to create your ideal growing environment. By setting unique programming for each of your devices, you can more accurately replicate the outdoor growing conditions of your plant. Your grow light can fully replicate the power of the sun while your clip fan creates gentle breezes, and your inline fan maintains consistent ventilation. Best used for singular grow systems.

The AC Infinity App
All that is accessible through 69 is also accessible at your fingertips. Connect to the app to not only program triggers and timers, but also unlock advance programs, notifications, and climate data to track grow space conditions over extended periods. You can not only see real-time temperature and humidity levels, but also VPD so you can further fine-tune your grow tent environment. Export this data as a spreadsheet for further analysis. Connect via Bluetooth to access 69 remotely in your home. WiFi connectivity is currently in development and will be announced in future updates.

The CONTROLLER 69 is now available standalone to integrate your ventilation fans and LED grow lights, including our newly released light boards, to control all at once.

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