Keeping your grow space organized is often easier said than done. Between equipment, planters, and additional supplies, indoor environments like grow tents can fill up rather quickly. Read below for some tips on how to best utilize the space around you, as well as ways to create extra room and further expand your grow setup.

Planning Ahead
To ensure maximum efficiency, it Is best to plan out your grow space arrangement from the start. Ideally you will be able to choose a spot for your setup that leaves additional room outside of the tent. Doing so gives you the flexibility of placing certain grow devices in this area, leaving more room for items that must be kept inside. For example, inline fans, humidifiers, and heaters can feasibly be placed outside of the immediate growing environment.

Duct ports also play a vital role in staying organized. By taking advantage of ducting and your tent’s ports, you can exhaust stale air and pipe in fresh air, humidity, and heat to the grow space. Multiple ports in the canvas allow you to place the ducting in the most convenient spot possible, so that you are not accidentally creating more clutter as you go.

Creating Space
Many growers find themselves with limited space though, no matter how carefully they planned their setup. So if you are looking to add a few more grow devices without upgrading tent sizes yet, there are plenty of options to consider.

Mounting bars offer a fast and simple solution to maximize the amount of room in your tent. These steel accessory bars firmly hold in place to provide all the reinforcement needed for additional grow lights, fans, and more. These also serve as a convenient hold for trellis nets if your plants need training or support.

While beneficial though, CFM bars do not necessarily address the issue of wrangling your cables. For an option that handles grow devices and their cords, a gear board will likely prove your best choice. Made of steel with a mesh panel body, gear boards are vertical support systems strong enough to handle your equipment with enough versatility to hold everything else. Set LED drivers, smart controllers, and hygrometers all in one location, and keep their cords safely tucked away behind the board. Placed flat against the tent well, these panels immediately declutter your floor. They can even be adjusted to perfectly fit any tent, leaving all duct ports available for use.

Whether planning your first grow or simply trying to fit another piece of equipment into your tent, AC Infinity has you covered when it comes to staying organized.

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