Best Maintenance Practices For Your Self-Watering Kit

Best Maintenance Practices For Your Self-Watering Kit

With the launch of our proprietary self-watering base, AC Infinity introduced a unique and highly innovative solution to consistent irrigation. This automatic watering system for potted plants stores any runoff in a reservoir below and has proven immensely popular in home gardens and grow spaces. Always aiming to further simplify the growing process, here are a few easy steps to care for your fabric pot base and ensure continuous water delivery to your plants.

Water Replenishing and Monitoring

Key to this auto watering system’s effectiveness is the simplicity in its design. The wick lines laid across the reservoir plate actively transfer water from the basin up to the fabric pot and roots above. All you have to do then is keep your reservoir filled, using the included gauge to monitor current levels. For the greatest success, you will want to lift up your fabric pot and pour water directly into the reservoir.

Maintaining Effective Wick Lines

When moving your potted plant, you may notice that the roots and wick lines have interlocked. While this is natural, it is important to prevent your lines from becoming overpowered and unable to transfer water. To do this, briefly wash your wick lines off and set them back in place. We recommend cleaning wick lines every two weeks, along with your basin as this will stop unwanted algae buildup.

Proper Fabric Pot Placement

When placing your plants back onto the self-watering tray, confirm that your wick lines are straightened and secure. Excessive shifting of the fabric pot may pull your lines away from their water source and hamper irrigation. If your plants still need more water after the basin and wick lines have been checked, you can add an additional line to further moisten the roots and soil.

This routine care will go a long way towards keeping your plants healthy and well-watered. Experience a smoother growing method by eliminating the hassle and mess of daily maintenance. Add our flagship self-watering kit or our brand new high-capacity XL system (coming soon to UK) to your collection of gardening and grow tent accessories today.

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