How Next-Gen Evo Led Lighting Boosts Plant Growth

How Next-Gen Evo Led Lighting Boosts Plant Growth

Samsung’s consistent innovations in horticultural lighting have impressed residential growers and commercial enterprises alike. Now, with the rise in popularity of LM301H EVO diodes, LED grow lights are reaching unparalleled levels of peak performance and efficiency. Find out how this next-gen lighting can impact your grow.

Enhanced Light Quality

Throughout Samsung’s advancements, one key component has been a focus on optimizing plant growth. Building off their LM301B and H diodes, LM301H EVO represents the most balanced light spectrum to date. By introducing greater levels of blue to balance out the traditionally dominant red, plants can now benefit from a more nuanced and richer spectrum to support each stage of the growing cycle. Between producing fuller bodies during vegetation and boosting PAR levels for improved flowering, these diodes allow for healthier and more successful plant growth.

Unmatched Efficacy

On top of the enhanced light quality, EVO diodes also offer greater efficiency. Previous-gen LM301H LEDs held the distinction of greatest efficacy on the market and EVO further improves on that success. Each LM301H EVO diode is 1% more efficient than an LM301H diode, which on its own sounds insignificant. But when applying this efficiency across every single diode used in a grow light fixture, this overall increase leads to even more powerful lighting and long-term energy savings.

Greater Versatility

This combined advantage opens new opportunities to growers of every level. From hobbyists and budding amateurs to advanced growers and professionals, EVO diodes support the ability to expand your grow space as you gain experience. Grow lights with EVO technology excel in grow tents, open areas, and sealed CO2 setups. As you increase the size and complexity of your indoor growing environment, these diodes will be able to handle the change.

Making the jump to EVO diodes is an exciting transition that can benefit any grower. We are very proud to be the first to offer LED grow lights that almost entirely utilize EVO LEDs in a bar light system. Check out the IONFRAME Series to see how its use of Samsung EVO LEDs can enhance your growing process.

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