Controller 69 Pro Has Arrived

Controller 69 Pro Has Arrived

With the arrival of CONTROLLER 69, AC Infinity introduced our most powerful programming device to date. Building off of that success we proudly present the next step towards the ideal growing system, the CONTROLLER 69 PRO. This innovative digital controller further expands our UIS™ platform while continuing to independently program up to four devices. For even greater environmental control, CONTROLLER 69 PRO has added these crucial new features.

VPD Mode

Track your plants' progress with more accuracy than ever before. Whereas CONTROLLER 69 automates devices to react to temperature and humidity, CONTROLLER 69 PRO can now track and account for VPD (vapor pressure deficit) as well. VPD measures the surrounding temperature, relative humidity, and the plant leaf’s temperature to ensure a proper transpiration rate and steady flow of nutrients. In line with our previous climate controls, you can set high and low VPD triggers to activate your devices and keep your atmosphere within the desired range.

Buffer Setting

Once VPD triggers have been set, you can make further modifications with the brand-new buffer setting. Currently, when a device is in AUTO Mode, climate triggers can repeatedly turn units on and off due to minor atmospheric shifts. This setting keeps your current triggers while using additional on and off points so devices do not adjust too quickly. For example, a clip-on fan may activate at 75° F, but if the buffer is set to 3°F, your fan will not shut off until the temperature falls to 72°F. This allows for a more nuanced approach to maintaining a stable environment.

WiFi Connectivity

Modes and settings can still be adjusted directly through the controller or AC Infinity App via Bluetooth. Expanding on these capabilities, CONTROLLER 69 PRO can also now connect to the app via WiFi. Remotely access devices, unlock advance programs, set alarms, view notifications and historical charts, and export data from anywhere. No longer limited to the immediate vicinity of your grow setup, you can check in on conditions and make changes at any point of your day.

As we keep innovating, AC Infinity invites you to continue alongside us by adding the next-gen CONTROLLER 69 PRO to your UIS ecosystem.


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