What Is Uv Lighting?

What Is Uv Lighting?

UV lighting has become a common topic of discussion when it comes to achieving the ideal grow. With its increase in popularity, it is worthwhile to investigate their effects on plants and the practicality of adding them to your grow space. 

UV Lighting Overview

Ultraviolet lighting is naturally found in sunlight and provides a narrow range of wavelengths that the human eye cannot see. Three types of UV exist, with UVA occurring higher up on the spectrum and making most of the UV rays in our atmosphere. UVA is the most prevalent type in plant growth, so it can naturally fit into most, if not all, indoor growing processes.

Benefits of UV Lighting

UV lighting delivers a targeted spectrum to your plants which will evoke unique qualities and characteristics. It is best used during your plant's fruit and flowering stages as a complement to your primary grow lights to best draw out these expressions. Light bars with UV utilize 365nm and 395nm diodes, which create light emissions not found in typical home or commercial LED grow lights. As various plant families and strains react differently to ultraviolet lighting, further research before commencing a grow will help ensure a successful harvest.

Installing UV Lighting

While UV lights certainly function differently than your typical LED grow lights, setting them up remains the same straightforward process as our standard LED light bars. Our UV variant IONBEAM light bars come with magnetic mounting, which allows for smooth placement anywhere in your grow space. Effortlessly fit them onto your primary lighting, tent frame, or even along your canvas with the included steel backing. Additional options for installation include wall mounting or hanging them from a secure position. For the most effective use, it is best to place UV lights at least one foot above your canopy.

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